Monday, July 18, 2016

Spotlight: Jessie S.

Meet Jessie S.! Jessie is a rising junior here at Santa Clara University where she is pursuing a major in accounting with a minor in retail studies. However, she is much more than a student to us; Jessie is one of our Camp Coordinators who has been with Campus Recreation since she was a camper herself! Growing up in Los Gatos, Jessie came to SCU for two weeks every summer starting when she was six years old to participate in the Bronco Kidz All Sports Camp. She was a camper for about six years! After she couldn’t be enrolled in the camp as a camper anymore, she joined our CIT program and became a Counselor in Training. She was a CIT for three years through high school, and then when she came to Santa Clara University, she became a coach! After loving her experience as a coach, she pursued and got the job of Camp Coordinator this summer. Out of all her experiences, Jessie has had the most fun in her job as Camp Coordinator; though she appreciates her many years of experience with kids, she prefers to manage the business side of things. Her responsibilities as Coordinator have included managing budget, coordinating teams, organizing excel spreadsheets, lots of computer work, managing CIT’s, and managing parent relations. Her favorite part of the job, however, is being able to do things the way she has always envisioned them. Because she has had so much experience with the Bronco Kidz All Sports Camp, she knows what works and what doesn’t, and it is rewarding for her to be able to make the camp just as successful and fun for the campers as it was for her. When asked about her words of ad vice for her past, current, and future campers, she said, “Always stay involved in what you’re passionate about, you will get results that you are excited for and proud of.” Thanks Jessie for your years of dedication and support! 

Jessie is one of four Campus Rec employees that have all been with us since they were campers! Vince S. has been a camper and is now a coach. Matt S. has been a camper, a CIT, and is now a coach. And Owen O. has been a camper, a CIT, and is now assistant coordinator!

Jessie S. as a CIT for Bronco Kidz All Sports Camp